50 Ancient Hindu Names for Boys with Meanings

by Sophia Roberts

In the tapestry of Hindu culture, names are not mere labels but storied vessels of meaning, connecting generations to the profound wisdom and spirituality of ancient India. In our journey through the captivating world of Ancient Hindu Names for Boys with Meanings, we venture into the heart of a tradition that reveres names as more than just identifiers – they are reflections of cherished values, celestial legends, and spiritual aspirations.

Hinduism, one of the world’s oldest and most diverse religions, encompasses a vast array of names, each carrying its own unique significance. These names are deeply rooted in the ancient scriptures, folklore, and the rich tapestry of Indian history. They are imbued with qualities that parents hope their sons will embody, from strength and wisdom to devotion and compassion.

As we traverse this exploration, we will unveil the timeless beauty and profound meanings behind these ancient Hindu names, offering insight into a world where each name tells a story and where tradition and spirituality intertwine to create names of enduring significance. Join us on this journey as we unravel the essence of these names and the cultural heritage they represent.

50 Ancient Hindu Names for Boys with Meanings

No. Name Meaning
1 Arjun Bright, shining
2 Aryan Noble, honorable
3 Aditya Sun God
4 Akash Sky, open space
5 Amit Infinite, boundless
6 Anand Joy, happiness
7 Arnav Ocean
8 Bhavin Winner, victorious
9 Chetan Consciousness, soul
10 Devan Divine, godly
11 Eshan Lord Shiva
12 Girish Lord of the mountains
13 Hrithik From the heart
14 Ishan Lord Vishnu
15 Jagdish Lord of the world
16 Kunal Lotus
17 Lakshay Target, aim
18 Mihir Sun, radiant
19 Naveen New, fresh
20 Omkar The sound of Om
21 Parth Prince Arjun
22 Rahul Conqueror of miseries
23 Samir Pleasant companion
24 Tarun Young, youthful
25 Uday Rising sun
26 Varun Lord of the sea
27 Yash Fame, glory
28 Zayn Grace, beauty
29 Advait Non-duality
30 Bhavesh Lord of the world
31 Dinesh Lord of the day
32 Govind Lord Krishna
33 Harish Lord Shiva
34 Ishaan Sun, Lord Shiva
35 Jayesh Victor, winner
36 Karthik Lord Murugan
37 Manish Lord of the mind
38 Neel Blue, sapphire
39 Om Supreme, sacred syllable
40 Pranav Sacred sound, Om
41 Rishi Sage, poet
42 Sanjay Triumphant
43 Tejas Radiance, brilliance
44 Utkarsh Prosperity, fame
45 Viren Heroic
46 Yuvan Youthful, young
47 Advay Unique, one of a kind
48 Brijesh Lord Krishna
49 Daksh Skillful, competent
50 Gaurav Honor, respect

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30 Famous Hindu Kings and Princes

The names of famous Hindu kings and princes resonate with the echoes of history, embodying the grandeur of ancient India. Each name carries a unique legacy, a story of valor, wisdom, and empire-building. From Ashoka, the great Mauryan emperor who embraced Buddhism and promoted peace, to Akbar, the visionary Mughal ruler known for his tolerance and administrative prowess, these names symbolize the tapestry of India’s rich past. Rana Pratap, the indomitable Rajput warrior; Krishnadevaraya, the patron of arts and literature; and Shivaji, the founder of the Maratha Empire, are just a few among many legendary figures. These names continue to inspire reverence and pride, representing the enduring spirit of Hindu heritage.

Name Title Meaning
Ashoka Emperor Without sorrow
Akbar Emperor Great
Chandragupta Emperor Moon-protected
Harsha Emperor Happiness
Prithviraj King King of the Earth
Raja Raja King King of Kings
Krishnadevaraya Emperor Gift of Krishna
Vikramaditya King Sun of valor
Rajendra Emperor Mighty ruler
Samudragupta Emperor Ocean of the Gupta dynasty
Shivaji King Lord Shiva
Akbar Shah Emperor Great king
Jahangir Emperor Conqueror of the world
Pratap King Valiant
Rajendra Chola Emperor King of Kings of the Chola dynasty
Krishna Deva Raya Emperor Gift of Lord Krishna
Vikramaditya I King Sun of valor
Aurangzeb Emperor Ornament of the throne
Rana Sanga King Lord of Battles
Krishnadeva Wadiyar Maharaja Gift of Krishna
Bhoja King Generous
Shivaji Maharaj King Great King Shivaji
Hemu King Golden one
Rana Pratap King Son of a king
Rajendra Prasad President Lord of the Kings
Akbar II Emperor Great king Akbar
Lalitaditya King Beautiful sun
Samrat Hem Chandra King Emperor Hem Chandra
Kharavela King He who wears a necklace
Chandrasekarendra Saraswati Sankaracharya Saint and Philosopher

How Widely Are Ancient Hindu Names for Boys Used?

The usage of ancient Hindu names for boys is relatively common, especially in regions with a significant Hindu population such as India and Nepal. These names carry deep cultural, religious, and historical significance, making them a preferred choice for many parents.

In India, where Hinduism is the majority religion, ancient Hindu names have a strong presence. Parents often choose names from ancient scriptures like the Vedas, Puranas, and epics like the Mahabharata and Ramayana. Names such as Arjun, Ravi, Dev, and Krishna are widespread and cherished for their cultural and spiritual meanings.

Beyond India, the use of ancient Hindu names for boys is not as common but is still prevalent among Hindu communities living abroad and individuals who appreciate the cultural richness and profound meanings associated with these names.

In recent years, there has been a global trend toward multicultural and diverse name choices, which has further contributed to the acceptance and usage of ancient Hindu names for boys across different cultures and regions.

In summary, ancient Hindu names for boys are widely used within Hindu-majority regions and communities, and they are gaining recognition and appreciation in multicultural and diverse settings around the world.

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