50 Ancient Greek Names for Boys with Meanings

by Sophia Roberts

Welcome to a captivating journey through the annals of history as we explore “Ancient Greek Names for Boys with Meanings.” The ancient Greeks, renowned for their contributions to philosophy, art, and civilization, also left an indelible mark on the world of nomenclature. In this article, we delve into a collection of distinguished names that echo the grandeur and wisdom of a bygone era. From gods and heroes to philosophers and warriors, each name carries a profound significance that reflects the values and culture of ancient Greece. Join us as we unravel the stories behind these names and discover the timeless charm they continue to exude in today’s world. Whether you’re seeking a name that resonates with strength, intellect, or courage, this exploration of Ancient Greek names is sure to inspire and guide you in your quest for the perfect name for your little one.

50 Ancient Greek Names for Boys with Meanings

No. Name Origin Meaning
1 Alexander Greek Defender of the people
2 Damian Greek To tame or subdue
3 Leonidas Greek Lion’s son
4 Theodoros Greek Gift of God
5 Callisthenes Greek Beautiful strength
6 Demetrius Greek Devotee of Demeter (goddess of agriculture)
7 Perseus Greek Destroyer
8 Theron Greek Hunter
9 Hypatios Greek Supreme
10 Xenophon Greek Strange voice
11 Achilles Greek Pain or lipless
12 Hermes Greek Messenger
13 Iason Greek Healer
14 Nikias Greek Victorious
15 Orestes Greek Mountain
16 Ptolemy Greek Warlike
17 Socrates Greek Whole power
18 Zephyros Greek West wind
19 Leander Greek Lion man
20 Themistocles Greek Glory of the law
21 Agamemnon Greek Very resolute
22 Pythagoras Greek Speaker of things spoken
23 Philostratos Greek Lover of fame
24 Sophocles Greek Skilled
25 Antipater Greek Like a father
26 Aristides Greek Best
27 Dionysius Greek Follower of Dionysus (god of wine)
28 Evander Greek Good man
29 Herodotus Greek Gift of Heracles
30 Lycomedes Greek People’s protector
31 Odysseus Greek Wrathful
32 Thales Greek To blossom or to flourish
33 Xanthippos Greek Yellow horse
34 Cleon Greek Renowned
35 Euphemios Greek Spoken well
36 Menelaus Greek Strength of the people
37 Peisistratos Greek Displayer of strength
38 Theophrastos Greek Divine plant
39 Zenon Greek Zeus’ gift
40 Apollonios Greek Belonging to Apollo (god of the sun)
41 Chariton Greek Grace
42 Icarus Greek To contemplate
43 Meleager Greek Careful, attentive
44 Polydeuces Greek Very sweet
45 Telephos Greek Nourishing
46 Aristarchos Greek Best beginning
47 Diodoros Greek Gift of Zeus
48 Euthymios Greek Cheerful, happy
49 Menander Greek Strong and courageous
50 Theokritos Greek God’s judge

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30 Famous Greek Kings, Rulers, and Princes

No. Name Title Meaning
1 Alexander the Great King of Macedonia Defender of the people
2 Leonidas King of Sparta Lion’s son
3 Pericles Athenian Statesman Surrounded by glory
4 Agamemnon King of Mycenae Very resolute
5 Philip II King of Macedonia Lover of horses
6 Theseus King of Athens Set, laid down
7 Pyrrhus King of Epirus Flame-colored hair
8 Priam King of Troy Redeemed
9 Attalus II King of Pergamon Father’s side
10 Antiochus III King of Seleucid Empire Given instead of
11 Archelaus King of Macedon People-leading
12 Demetrius I King of Macedon Devotee of Demeter (goddess of agriculture)
13 Diocles King of Corinth Glory of Zeus
14 Ptolemy II Pharaoh of Egypt Warlike
15 Mithridates VI King of Pontus Gift of Mithras
16 Lycomedes King of Scyros People’s protector
17 Seleucus I King of Seleucus To gather
18 Aristodemus King of Sparta Best of the people
19 Cassander King of Macedon Men-defender
20 Cleisthenes Tyrant of Sicyon Glory is in strength
21 Demetrius II King of Macedon Devotee of Demeter (goddess of agriculture)
22 Lysimachus King of Thrace A loosening of battle
23 Peisistratos Tyrant of Athens Displayer of strength
24 Polycrates Tyrant of Samos Ruler of many
25 Pyrrhus of Epirus King of Epirus Flame-colored hair
26 Romulus Legendary Founder of Rome Of Rome
27 Themistocles Athenian Statesman Glory of the law
28 Lycurgus Legendary Lawgiver Work of the people
29 Pausanias Regent of Sparta All-victorious
30 Demophon King of Athens Strength of the people

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In conclusion, the tapestry of Ancient Greek names for boys reveals a captivating blend of mythology, history, and culture. These names carry with them a profound sense of meaning and significance, echoing the virtues and ideals of an era long past. From the resolute strength of “Leonidas” to the intellectual prowess of “Socrates,” each name encapsulates a unique essence that transcends time.

Exploring these names is not only a journey through language but also a voyage into the minds and hearts of those who shaped the ancient world. Whether drawn from the realm of gods and heroes or inspired by the wisdom of philosophers and rulers, these names continue to resonate with beauty and power.

As we consider the legacy of Ancient Greek names, we’re reminded of the enduring nature of human creativity and expression. Choosing a name from this rich tapestry is not merely bestowing a label, but weaving a connection to a heritage that has enriched the global narrative. So, whether you’re seeking a name that embodies courage, intellect, or a touch of the divine, the treasury of Ancient Greek names stands ready to inspire and guide, allowing the stories of the past to echo in the lives of the future.

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