50 Ancient Egyptian Names for Girls with Meanings

by Sophia Roberts

Explore the fascinating world of Ancient Egyptian names for girls in our latest article! From timeless classics to unique gems, we delve into the rich history and cultural significance behind these names. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or simply curious about the heritage of these names, this article is a must-read. Dive into the enchanting world of Ancient Egypt and discover the perfect name with a touch of history.

50 ancient Egyptian names for baby girls with meanings

No. Name Origin Meaning
1 Nefertari Egyptian Beautiful Companion
2 Cleopatra Greek/Egypt Glory of the Father
3 Hatshepsut Egyptian Foremost of Noble Women
4 Nefertiti Egyptian The Beautiful One Has Come
5 Ankhesenamun Egyptian Her Life is of Amun
6 Meritamen Egyptian Beloved of Amun
7 Mutnodjmet Egyptian Sweet Mama
8 Tiye Egyptian Great One
9 Amunet Egyptian The Hidden One
10 Meryt Egyptian Beloved
11 Sobekneferu Egyptian The Beauty of Sobek
12 Merit Egyptian Beloved
13 Aset Egyptian Throne
14 Tiy Egyptian Gift of God
15 Satiah Egyptian Daughter of Ra
16 Nebet Egyptian Lady
17 Tausret Egyptian The Powerful One
18 Neith Egyptian Goddess of War
19 Isetemkheb Egyptian Daughter of the Divine
20 Isetnofret Egyptian Beautiful Isis
21 Neferure Egyptian Beautiful Companion
22 Nebetah Egyptian Lady of the Land
23 Baketamon Egyptian Daughter of Amun
24 Tiaa Egyptian The Living One
25 Ahhotep Egyptian Peaceful
26 Meresankh Egyptian Beloved of Life
27 Tiyemeri Egyptian Beloved by the Gods
28 Baktrest Egyptian Servant of the Sun God
29 Tia Egyptian The Wanderer
30 Nebet Egyptian Mistress
31 Mutnodjme Egyptian Sweet Mama
32 Nebetnehat Egyptian Lady of the House
33 Taia Egyptian The Great One
34 Tauret Egyptian The Great One
35 Ahmes-Nefertari Egyptian Child of the Moon
36 Merytre-Hatshepsut Egyptian Beloved of Hatshepsut
37 Henutmire Egyptian Lady of the Sun
38 Nebettawy Egyptian Lady of the Two Lands
39 Tiye-Mereniset Egyptian Great One, Beloved of Isis
40 Ahmose-Meritamon Egyptian Born of the Moon, Beloved of Amun
41 Bentreshyt Egyptian Harp of Joy
42 Meritneith Egyptian Beloved of Neith
43 Mutnofret Egyptian Sweet Mother
44 Nubemhat Egyptian Lady of the Castle
45 Senmut Egyptian Mother’s Brother
46 Meryamun Egyptian Beloved of Amun
47 Meryptah Egyptian Beloved of Ptah
48 Tiaamunet Egyptian The Hidden Goddess
49 Tauseret Egyptian The Powerful One
50 Anippe Egyptian Daughter of the Nile

The names of 30 famous queens and notable women of Egypt.

No. Name Title Meaning
1 Cleopatra VII Queen of Egypt Glory of the Father
2 Nefertiti Queen of the Nile The Beautiful One Has Come
3 Hatshepsut Pharaoh Foremost of Noble Ladies
4 Nefertari Queen of Ramesses II Beautiful Companion
5 Ankhesenamun Queen of Tutankhamun She Lives for Amun
6 Tiy Queen of Amenhotep III Splendid
7 Meritaten Queen of Akhenaten Beloved of Aten
8 Tiye Queen of Amenhotep III Great One
9 Tiye Queen of Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) Great One
10 Hatshepsut-Meryetre Pharaoh Foremost of Noble Ladies
11 Ankhesenamun-Tutankhamun Queen of Tutankhamun She Lives for Amun
12 Merneith Pharaoh Beloved of Neith
13 Twosret Pharaoh Powerful One
14 Ahmose-Nefertari Queen of Ahmose I Child of the Moon
15 Ahhotep I Queen of Ahmose I Iah is Satisfied
16 Sobekneferu Pharaoh Beauty of Sobek
17 Tausret Pharaoh Powerful One
18 Ankhesenpepi I Queen of Pepi I She Lives for Pepi
19 Ankhesenpepi II Queen of Pepi I She Lives for Pepi
20 Merit-Ptah High Priestess of Ptah Beloved of Ptah
21 Nitocris Pharaoh Divine Justice
22 Sobekemsaf I Queen of Merneferre Ay Sobek is His Protection
23 Sobekemsaf II Queen of Sobekemsaf I Sobek is His Protection
24 Ahmose-Meritamun Queen of Ahmose I Child of the Moon
25 Meritaten-Tasherit Queen of Akhenaten Beloved of Aten
26 Sitre-In Queen of Amenemhat III Daughter of Re
27 Nefertkau I Queen of Pepi II Beautiful of Soul
28 Nefertkau II Queen of Pepi II Beautiful of Soul
29 Iput I Queen of Unas Daughter of Unas
30 Iput II Queen of Teti Daughter of Teti

These women played significant roles in Egyptian history, and their names and titles are a testament to their influence and importance in the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Conclusion on Ancient Egyptian Names for Girls

In conclusion, Ancient Egyptian names for girls carry a rich and meaningful history that reflects the culture, beliefs, and values of this ancient civilization. These names often incorporate elements of nature, gods, and qualities that were highly esteemed in Egyptian society. Whether it’s the timeless beauty of names like Nefertiti and Cleopatra or the reverence for deities seen in names like Meritaten and Tiye, these names continue to captivate and inspire people with their profound significance and historical significance.

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