50 Ancient Egyptian Names for Boys with Meanings

by Sophia Roberts

Explore the rich tapestry of ancient Egyptian culture with our curated list of “50 Ancient Egyptian Names for Boys with Meanings.” These names, steeped in history and tradition, offer not just a unique moniker for your child but also a glimpse into the fascinating world of ancient Egypt. Each name comes with its own special significance and story, making your choice more than just a name; it becomes a tribute to a civilization that left an indelible mark on human history. Join us on a journey through time as we uncover the hidden treasures of Egyptian nomenclature, and discover the perfect name for your baby boy that carries with it the legacy of an ancient civilization.

50 Ancient Egyptian Names for Boys with Meanings

No. Name Origin Meaning
1 Amun Egyptian “The Hidden”
2 Anubis Egyptian “Royal Child”
3 Ra Egyptian “Sun God”
4 Thoth Egyptian “Wisdom”
5 Ptah Egyptian “Creator”
6 Set Egyptian “Chaos”
7 Osiris Egyptian “God of the Dead”
8 Horus Egyptian “Falcon”
9 Khufu Egyptian “Shining”
10 Sobek Egyptian “Crocodile”
11 Akhenaten Egyptian “Effective for Aten”
12 Amenhotep Egyptian “Amun is Pleased”
13 Khufu Egyptian “Shining”
14 Nefertiti Egyptian “The Beautiful One Has Come”
15 Akil Egyptian “Intelligent”
16 Hapi Egyptian “Nile God”
17 Khepri Egyptian “Morning Sun”
18 Imhotep Egyptian “He Who Comes in Peace”
19 Anen Egyptian “Son of the Sun”
20 Menes Egyptian “He Who Endures”
21 Nut Egyptian “Sky Goddess”
22 Sobekhotep Egyptian “Sobek is Satisfied”
23 Nefer Egyptian “Beautiful”
24 Akil Egyptian “Intelligent”
25 Senusret Egyptian “Man of Goddess Wosret”
26 Tuthmosis Egyptian “Born of Thoth”
27 Amenemhat Egyptian “Amon is at the Forefront”
28 Seti Egyptian “He of Seth”
29 Khafre Egyptian “Appearing Like Re”
30 Mekhi Egyptian “Fire”
31 Sahure Egyptian “He Who Is Close to Re”
32 Merneptah Egyptian “Beloved of Ptah”
33 Ramses Egyptian “Born of Ra”
34 Ay Egyptian “Fly”
35 Tutankhamun Egyptian “Living Image of Amun”
36 Khonsu Egyptian “Moon God”
37 Akenaton Egyptian “He Who is Effective for Aten”
38 Neferhotep Egyptian “Beautiful Peace”
39 Thutmose Egyptian “Born of Thoth”
40 Djoser Egyptian “Holy”
41 Amasis Egyptian “Bearer of Burden”
42 Horemheb Egyptian “Horus is in Jubilation”
43 Amenhirkhopshef Egyptian “Amun is on His Forefront”
44 Sennefer Egyptian “Beautiful Son”
45 Amunherkhepeshef Egyptian “Amun is Before His Ka”
46 Tiaa Egyptian “Life”
47 Bakari Egyptian “Noble Promise”
48 Neferkare Egyptian “Beautiful Ka of Re”
49 Nebmaatre Egyptian “Lord of Truth”
50 Ipet Egyptian “Chosen”

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20 Famous Egyptian Kings

No. Name Title Meaning
1 Menes Pharaoh “He Who Endures”
2 Khufu Pharaoh “Shining”
3 Thutmose III Pharaoh “Thoth is Born”
4 Ramses II Pharaoh “Born of Ra”
5 Akhenaten Pharaoh “Effective for Aten”
6 Tutankhamun Pharaoh “Living Image of Amun”
7 Hatshepsut Pharaoh “Foremost of Noble Ladies”
8 Seti I Pharaoh “He of Seth”
9 Thutmose II Pharaoh “Thoth is Born”
10 Amenhotep III Pharaoh “Amun is Satisfied”
11 Cleopatra VII Pharaoh “Glory of the Father”
12 Akhenaten Pharaoh “Effective for Aten”
13 Amenemhat III Pharaoh “Amon is at the Forefront”
14 Ramesses III Pharaoh “Born of Ra”
15 Sneferu Pharaoh “The One Who Causes to Love”
16 Amenhotep I Pharaoh “Amun is Satisfied”
17 Seti II Pharaoh “He of Seth”
18 Mentuhotep II Pharaoh “Montu is Pleased”
19 Ahmose I Pharaoh “Born of the Moon”
20 Tuthmosis I Pharaoh “Born of Thoth”


In conclusion, the selection of “Ancient Egyptian Names for Boys with Meanings” offers a glimpse into the rich cultural and historical tapestry of ancient Egypt. These names not only carry the weight of thousands of years of heritage but also come with profound meanings that can be a source of pride and inspiration for parents and their children.

From the majestic “Ramses,” meaning “Born of Ra,” to the enigmatic “Akhenaten,” signifying “Effective for Aten,” these names connect modern generations to a civilization that left an indelible mark on human history. Whether you seek a name rooted in strength, wisdom, or spirituality, the ancient Egyptian nomenclature provides a plethora of options to choose from.

By selecting one of these names for your baby boy, you not only honor the enduring legacy of ancient Egypt but also bestow upon your child a name that carries the wisdom and mystique of a culture that has fascinated the world for millennia. These names are more than words; they are a bridge between the past and the present, a testament to the enduring power of history in shaping our lives today.

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