50 Ancient Celtic Names for Girls with Meaning

by Sophia Roberts

In the rich tapestry of ancient Celtic culture, names held a special significance. Each name was not just a label, but a reflection of the profound connections the Celts had with their land, nature, and spirituality. In this exploration of Ancient Celtic Names for Girls with Meaning, we embark on a journey through the mystical past of the Celtic people, uncovering the hidden stories and profound symbolism behind names that have stood the test of time. Join us as we delve into the enchanting world of Celtic names, where every name tells a unique and meaningful tale.

50 Ancient Celtic Names for Girls with Meaning

No. Name Meaning
1 Aislinn Vision, dream
2 Branwen Beautiful raven
3 Eilidh Sun, radiant
4 Niamh Bright, radiant
5 Morrigan Great queen
6 Rhiannon Maiden, nymph
7 Deirdre Sorrowful
8 Aoife Beauty, radiance
9 Caoimhe Gentle, beautiful
10 Grainne Grace, love
11 Aine Radiance, joy
12 Fionnuala Fair shoulder
13 Epona Horse goddess
14 Brigid Exalted one
15 Cerridwen White enchantress
16 Elowen Elm tree
17 Isolde Fair, beautiful
18 Eithne Kernel, nut
19 Nuala Fair-shouldered
20 Maela Princess
21 Orin Pale, fair
22 Teagan Little poet
23 Seren Star
24 Maeve Intoxicating
25 Tegan Beautiful
26 Elva White, fair
27 Bronwyn White-breasted
28 Arianrhod Silver wheel
29 Enid Spirit, soul
30 Ailis Noble, exalted
31 Gwendolyn White brow
32 Eleri Bitter, strife
33 Siofra Elf, sprite
34 Olwen White footprint
35 Rhonwen Fair hair
36 Tegwen Fair, blessed
37 Dymphna Fawn
38 Mabyn Youthful
39 Ceinwen Blessed, fair
40 Blodwen White flowers
41 Nessa Pure, gentle
42 Eluned Idol, image
43 Carys Love
44 Eilir Butterfly
45 Gwylan Seagull
46 Heulwen Sunshine
47 Madoc Fortunate
48 Gwyneth Blessed, white
49 Isolt Beautiful
50 Tariana Thunder

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20 Celtic Queen and Princess Names

Explore the enchanting world of Celtic royalty with our carefully curated list of “20 Celtic Queen and Princess Names.” These names carry the grace, elegance, and timeless charm of Celtic heritage, each with its own unique meaning and significance. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for a character in a story or simply drawn to the rich history of Celtic culture, these names will transport you to a world of regal beauty and mystique.

Name Title Meaning
Aislinn Princess Vision, dream
Branwen Princess Beautiful raven
Eilidh Princess Sun, radiant
Niamh Princess Bright, radiant
Morrigan Queen Great queen
Rhiannon Queen Maiden, nymph
Deirdre Princess Sorrowful
Aoife Princess Beauty, radiance
Caoimhe Princess Gentle, beautiful
Grainne Queen Grace, love
Aine Princess Radiance, joy
Fionnuala Princess Fair shoulder
Epona Queen Horse goddess
Brigid Queen Exalted one
Cerridwen Queen White enchantress
Elowen Princess Elm tree
Isolde Princess Fair, beautiful
Eithne Princess Kernel, nut
Nuala Princess Fair-shouldered
Maela Princess Princess

How Widely Are Ancient Celtic Names for Girls Used?

The usage of ancient Celtic names for girls varies considerably based on several factors, including geographical location, cultural heritage, and personal preferences. In regions with a strong Celtic influence, such as Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and parts of Brittany and Cornwall, these names maintain a more prominent presence and are often passed down through generations to preserve cultural identity.

In recent years, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of some ancient Celtic names, especially in English-speaking countries. Names like Aislinn, Niamh, and Maeve, for example, have gained recognition and appeal for their unique and melodic qualities.

However, the widespread use of ancient Celtic names remains limited in comparison to more common and international names. Many parents opt for names that are easier to pronounce and spell, which often leads to the preference for more familiar choices.

Nonetheless, the enduring appeal of ancient Celtic names lies in their deep connections to nature, mythology, and spirituality, making them a cherished option for parents who value rich cultural heritage and meaningful symbolism when naming their daughters. Ultimately, the usage of these names depends on individual preferences and the desire to embrace the beauty and tradition they represent.

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