50 Ancient Celtic Names for Boys with Meanings

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The rich tapestry of Celtic history and culture has left us with a treasure trove of ancient names, each carrying a unique and profound meaning. For parents seeking a name that resonates with history and tradition, Celtic names for boys offer a compelling choice. In this exploration, we present 50 timeless Celtic names for boys, steeped in the heritage of the Celts and imbued with significance. These names not only sound beautiful but also connect your child to a fascinating world of legends, myths, and a deep-rooted cultural legacy.

50 Ancient Celtic Names for Boys with Meanings

No. Name Meaning
1 Aiden Little fire
2 Bran Raven
3 Cian Ancient
4 Dallan Blind
5 Eoghan Born of the yew tree
6 Fergus Man of strength
7 Gavain White hawk
8 Herne God of the hunt
9 Ivar Archer
10 Kaelin Mighty warrior
11 Lachlan Land of lakes
12 Mael Chief
13 Niall Champion
14 Oisin Little deer
15 Pádraig Noble
16 Quinlan Well-shaped, strong
17 Roderick Famous ruler
18 Seamus Supplanter
19 Taranis Thunder
20 Uilliam Will helmet
21 Vailintín Brave
22 Wulfric Wolf ruler
23 Xander Defender of the people
24 Yannick God is gracious
25 Zephyr West wind
26 Aodh Fire
27 Béccán Little one
28 Ciarán Dark-haired
29 Daire Oak tree
30 Eamonn Wealthy protector
31 Fearghal Man of valor
32 Gorm Blue
33 Iollan Handsome
34 Keiran Dark-haired
35 Lir Sea
36 Máel Máedóc Devotee of Saint Máedóc
37 Naoise Mythical warrior
38 Odran Pale
39 Páll Humble
40 Quinntan Fifth
41 Riordan Royal bard
42 Seán God is gracious
43 Tadhg Poet or philosopher
44 Uisdean Little nobleman
45 Vrain Crow
46 Wulstan Wolf stone
47 Xiomar Famous in battle
48 Yvain Archer
49 Zair He shines
50 Arawn Celtic god of the underworld

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20 Names of Famous Celtic Kings and Princes

In this compilation, we’ll unveil the Names of Famous Celtic Kings and Princes who have left an enduring imprint on the rich tapestry of Celtic heritage.

Name Title Meaning
Boudicca Queen of the Iceni Victory
Cunedda King of Gwynedd Good lord
Artaxias King of Armenia Bear king
Caratacus Tribal chieftain Beloved
Vercingetorix Chieftain of the Arverni Great warrior
Cunobelinus King of the Catuvellauni Hound of Belinus
Dumnorix King of the Aedui World conqueror
Epona Goddess of horses Divine mare
Vortigern High King of the Britons Supreme sovereign
Llyr Sea god The sea
Ambiorix Chief of the Eburones King of kings
Erc King of Dalriada Speckled
Cerdic King of Wessex Beloved ruler
Nuada Airgetlám King of the Tuatha Dé Danann Silver hand
Prasutagus King of the Iceni Hardy
Beli Mawr King of the Britons Great Beli
Riocáthach King of Leinster Impulsive
Cingetorix Tribal chieftain King of the warriors
Tasciovanus King of the Catuvellauni Silvan god
Divitiacus Druid and King of the Aedui Good druid

How Widely Are Ancient Celtic Names for Boys Used?

Ancient Celtic names for boys carry a deep and meaningful history, but their usage in contemporary society is relatively limited. While some parents may choose these names to honor their Celtic heritage or for their unique and evocative qualities, they are not as common as more widely recognized names. The popularity of names evolves with time, influenced by cultural and linguistic shifts, making ancient Celtic names a distinctive choice for those who seek to connect with their roots or appreciate the beauty of these age-old appellations.

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