50 Ancient Anglo-Saxon Names for Girls with Meanings

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Exploring the rich tapestry of history, we delve into the world of Ancient Anglo-Saxon names for girls, each with its own unique meaning and story to tell. These names, hailing from a time long past, carry with them a sense of tradition and heritage that still resonates today. Join us on a journey through time as we uncover the beauty and significance of these names from the Anglo-Saxon era.

Ancient Anglo-Saxon Names for Girls with Meanings

No. Name Meaning
1 Aelfric Elf Ruler
2 Aethelwyn Noble Friend
3 Aethelgifu Noble Gift
4 Aelfwynn Elf Joy
5 Beornwyn Bear Joy
6 Ceolwulf Ship Wolf
7 Cwenburg Queen’s Castle
8 Cyneburga Royal Fortress
9 Ealdgyth Old Strength
10 Ealhwyn Temple Friend
11 Eardwulf Homeland Wolf
12 Edith Rich Gift
13 Eoforhild Boar Battle
14 Ethelberta Noble Brightness
15 Frithuswith Peaceful Strength
16 Godgifu God’s Gift
17 Hildburg Battle Fortress
18 Hrothwyn Famous Joy
19 Leofric Beloved Ruler
20 Mildthryth Gentle Strength
21 Osburh God’s Fort
22 Osith Divine Strength
23 Redburga Counsel Fortress
24 Saebehrt Sea Bright
25 Thryth Power, Strength, Beauty
26 Wulfrun Wolf Shield
27 Wynflaed Joyful Beauty
28 Wynflaed Joyful Beauty
29 Aelfwynn Elf Joy
30 Aethelburh Noble Protection
31 Beornwulf Bear Wolf
32 Ceolburh Ship Protection
33 Cynewyn Royal Joy
34 Ealdhild Old Battle
35 Ealhswith Elf Strength
36 Eormenburh Noble Enclosure
37 Ethelreda Noble Counsel
38 Freawine Noble Friend
39 Godric God Ruler
40 Hildegyth Battle Strength
41 Hrothgar Famous Spear
42 Leofwynn Beloved Joy
43 Mildred Gentle Counsel
44 Osfrith God’s Peace
45 Osyth Divine Battle
46 Redwald Counsel Power
47 Saeberht Sea Bright
48 Thrydwulf Strength of the People
49 Wulfsige Victory Wolf
50 Wynsige Joyful Victory

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20 Famous Anglo-Saxon Queens and Princesses

In the rich tapestry of history, the Anglo-Saxon era stands as a significant chapter, characterized by its own distinctive culture, rulers, and notable figures. Among the remarkable individuals of this period were the queens and princesses who played pivotal roles in shaping the destiny of their kingdoms. In this exploration, we delve into the lives and legacies of 20 famous Anglo-Saxon queens and princesses, shedding light on their titles, significance, and the meanings behind their names.

No. Name Title Meaning
1 Aethelburg Queen Noble Protection
2 Aethelgifu Princess Noble Gift
3 Aethelthryth Queen Noble Strength
4 Aelfflaed Princess Elf Beauty
5 Aelfgifu Queen Elf Gift
6 Aelfthryth Queen Noble Strength
7 Aethelswith Queen Noble Strength
8 Cwenburga Princess Queen’s Castle
9 Eadburg Princess Wealthy Protection
10 Eadgyth Queen Prosperous Battle
11 Eadburh Queen Prosperous Protection
12 Eadith Princess Prosperous Gift
13 Ealdgyth Queen Old Strength
14 Ealhwyn Princess Noble Friend
15 Edith Princess Rich Gift
16 Ethelberta Queen Noble Brightness
17 Frithuswith Queen Peaceful Strength
18 Hildburg Princess Battle Fortress
19 Hrothwyn Princess Famous Joy
20 Leofric Princess Beloved Ruler

How Widely Are Ancient Anglo-Saxon Names for Girls Used?

Ancient Anglo-Saxon names for girls hold a unique charm, resonating with a rich historical and cultural heritage. While these names may not be as commonly used in modern times as more contemporary choices, they still maintain a presence, often cherished by families who appreciate their historical significance. Some Anglo-Saxon names have experienced a resurgence in popularity as parents seek out distinctive and meaningful names for their children.

The extent to which these names are used varies, with some being quite rare and others enjoying a bit more popularity. Ultimately, the choice of an Anglo-Saxon name for a girl reflects a deep appreciation for history and tradition, making them a timeless option for those who seek a name with a sense of enduring legacy.

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